the venue & date

Sunday, September 12, 2021
The Marriott Hotel
1 Orms Street
Providence, RI

venue & event information

the competition

Each contestant will compete in three equal phases of preliminary competition: interview, swimsuit and evening gown. The results from these preliminary phases of competition are added up and the contestants with the highest composite scores become semifinalists. 

Interview: You will have a three-minute interview with a panel of judges. Contestants are scored on their communication skills and personality. They are NOT scored on the judge’s opinions or personal beliefs. 

Swimsuit: Each contestant is evaluated on her physical fitness, stage-presence and overall impression. 

Evening Gown: Each contestant is evaluated on grace, poise, style, stage presence, the confidence with which she carries herself and overall-impression. Judges are instructed to evaluate the contestant, not the dress she is wearing. 

wardrobe requirements

You will need 4 outfits for the competition:

Interview: Business style suit or dress. Pantsuits are acceptable. 

Swimsuit: Contestants choose their own swimsuit, one-piece suit, appropriate style, and design, and there are no color restrictions. Pantyhose may be worn along with a short wrap around the waist if she will feel more comfortable. 

Evening Gown: All contestants must have a full-length evening gown of their choice. The style, design, and color are up to you. It can be elaborate, or very simple. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful. Your gown should represent YOUR own personality and taste.  

Opening Number: Cocktail dress of the contestant's choice. The color will be confirmed upon entry.

Remember that you can look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks!