Is there an entry fee? Yes. The entry fee covers the cost of pageant day production, facility, meals, awards, printing and advertising for contestants and sponsors. 
Is there a height requirement? There is no height requirement to enter or win. 
Do I have to have children? No. Having children is not a requirement for entry. Several winners at the local and national levels haven't had children.
Is there a talent portion of the competition?  No.  Contestants will only compete in interview, swimsuit and evening gown and finalists will answer an on-stage question.
Will I be judged on community service? No. The reality is that our contestants are extremely busy with their careers and family so we do not expect, nor do we judge, them to have a community service resume.  You are not discouraged to promote your community service or platform if you do have one.
Am I too old or too young to enter the competition? The rules state that a contestant must be at least 18 years of age but does not specify an age cap that makes you ineligible.
What is the different between Mrs. Rhode Island America and Miss Rhode Island for America? Marital status.  Please go to Rules & Regulations for more information.